Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

If an employee, or former employee, of a particular company has concerns about their hearing, and a medical hearing test indicates hearing loss, then a Solicitor will often serve a Noise Induced Hearing Loss claim, commonly referred to as a  " NIHL" claim,  against the Employers, directly or via their Insurers, and  sometimes many years later. These NIHL claims need a professionally qualified engineering  noise expert to give a technical expert opinion to assist the Courts in determining the case.


We have the engineering background, the qualifications and training, and many years of experience, to  undertake this work in a professional manner. Shaun Murkett BSc. C.Eng. MIET, MIEE, MIOA., Principal Consultant, is a full member of the Institute of Acoustics, Institute of Engineering Technology, (formerly Institute of Electrical Engineers), and is a Chartered Engineer, and has many years of technical engineering experience in industry.


The Noise at Work Regulations places a duty on the employer to protect their employees’ hearing in a safe way. The most effective way to do this is to commission an independent  Noise at Work Assessment. Shaun Murkett Acoustics  have undertaken many Noise at Work Assessments and reports, and we have wide engineering technical experience in industry.


Shaun Murkett, the Principle Consultant, has been commissioned by the Courts on many occassions, and has prepared  Engineering Expert Noise reports for Noise Induced Hearing Loss cases, at a distribution of about 50% as a Single Joint Expert, and then equal measure as Expert Witness for the Claimant and as Expert Witness for the Defendant.


Due to client confidentiality we are unable to put any specific case histories up on our web site. However many of our clients are large legal practices, often specialising in NIHL cases, and they have confirmed that they are more than happy to give references on the professional nature and quality of our Engineering Expert Noise reports upon request to other Solicitors.


Please contact us to discuss further if you have a NIHL case that needs a swift response and prompt attention.


 NIHL investigations and reports

Quick turnaround

Professional, comprehensive reports

 Single joint expert on 50% of cases

Wide experience of industry

NAW noise surveys and assessments

Fully qualified and experienced

Bond Solon training scheme

Familiar with CPR35

Well known to the specialist solicitors and barristers

Experienced in Court

Professional and reliable service






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